26 Jun - 19 Jul

~ 8,000 km

Getting there:

The general plan was to get ourselves across the Simpson Desert and visit Uluru - but to do that we needed a round robin tour - we were never going to come back the same way that we went - the route ended up taking in the Hay River, Ruby Gap, Boggy Hole and much more - see logo above!   We were on tenterhooks for many months thinking that the trip wouldn't come off due to the exceptional rain fall in FNQ.   This had all flowed down the Diamantina River towards Lake Eyre - and Lake Eyre itself was fuller than it had been in over 10 years (Interestingly, 2009 was only the third time that Lake Eyre had filled in 150 years..)   The problem for us though was that the Eyre Creek, which is 40km west of Birdsville was 18km wide and chest deep - the creek runs north/south, and cuts access to the Simpson Desert from the east when it is flooded.   To access via the west would have meant the Hay River was out of our reach.   Fortunately, the Eyre Creek Bypass was opened in late May - and the trip was back on...

The trip was planned and led by Tim and Ivan - all participants were asked to research a day (or two) each, and provided commentary during the day on the highlights and 'little known facts'. We also ran a 'Story so Far' which we had been impressed with on a previous trip we had both attended with LCOOL. Basically, whoever was responsible for the Commentary, also ran the Story So Far around the campfire - a quick recount of the days activities, including any highlights (or low lights!). It is the Story So Far contributions which make up the trip report in the pages of this web site.

This web page is a record of our trip, and links to video, slide shows and photos are linked.   Darren also recorded a 'preview' video which is linked here.


This map shows our intended route. The labels show each nights stop on the way. Click on the map to load a more readable (bigger) map

 The Crew:


GQ Patrol 4.2 TD

Mel, Steve, Zac and Nick

Navara 3.0 TD

Ian and Helen

100 Series (V8)

Mathew and Brett

Pathfinder V6

Tim, Di and Hayden

Hilux 2.8D

Cam and Blaire

Suzuki Sierra

Gerard, Narelle, Ebony and Kaitlyn

GU Patrol 3.0 TD

Ivan and Leanne, Adam, Matt and Ben

100 Series (V8)

 The Trip in Detail:

Click on each day for photos and trip report.


Activities prior to leaving including the BBQ at Hume OffRoad

Day 1

Canberra - Forbes

Day 2

Forbes - Eulo

Day 3

Eulo - Innaminka

Day 4

Innaminka - Birdsville

Day 5

Rest Day - Birdsville

Day 6

Birdsville - Poeppell's Corner North

Day 7

Poeppell's Corner (North) - Lake Caroline

Day 8

Lake Caroline - Batton Hill

Day 9

Rest Day - Batton Hill

Day 10

Batton Hill - Ruby Gap

Day 11

Ruby Gap - Boggy Hole

Day 12

Boggy Hole - Uluru

Day 13

Uluru - Hugh River

Day 14

Hugh River - Old Andado

Day 15

Old Andado - Dalhousie Springs

Day 16

Rest Day - Dalhousie Springs

Day 17

Dalhousie - The Desert (Rig Rd)

Day 18

The Desert (French Line)

Day 19

The Desert - Eyre Creek Bypass

Day 20

Eyre Creek Bypass - Iga Warta

Day 21

Rest Day - Iga Warta

Day 22

Iga Warta - Grindell's Hut

Day 23

Grindell's Hut - Menindee

Day 24

Menindee - Home

  But wait, there's more!:

Slideshow  Steve spent a lot of time putting some great pictures to sound - the result is well worth the download - by the time you've finished you will feel like you were there with us!!

Other highlights:

Other information:


Recommendations  for other travellers (and our next trip)

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Hume Offroad

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