Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 1 - Canberra - Forbes


Our trip began on Friday afternoon and was only a short leg over to Forbes - this was designed so that those who wanted to come early could do - and those who had to work late could still get there at a reasonable time - best still, we would all be in the one place for an early start the next day.

Ivan had the dubious honour of the first recovery, after having had to snatch a young fella in a commodore off the median strip on the Tuggeranong Parkway, before he had even got out of town.   We then caught up with the Bennett's, Kargas', and Darren at the Yass Service Station before pressing on to Forbes.

Tim's crew followed an hour behind, and before too long we were all settled at the Forbes Big 4.   Pub for tea, and a few beers to start the trip with.

Ivan did the first Story So Far where we would take turns to recount the days activities, including any high (or low) lights.   Some of the things mentioned tonight included the amount of effort to get ready for such a trip - Most of us had relatively major work done at Ritchie's (Hume OffRoad) - Tim's 96 Hilux particularly is apparently a 2009 Hilux now, and Cameron's Suzuki is a whole lot newer than it used to be.

Dinner and Drinks for the first night at the Forbes Pub - First, we needed to give out the merchandise - tshirts, shirts, and stubby coolers

Everyone keen to see what is coming

Something here for everyone

Ivan had the job of Story So Far for Day 1