Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 10 - Batton Hill - Ruby Gap


We started the day nice and early, for me opening my swag and seeing the beautiful sunrise (pictured below). Camp was packed up, and the Kargas’, Thrift girls, and Tim all collected their traditional painting that Michael had finished off the night before. Knowing Michael prior to buying the paintings just made it that bit more special for those who got one.
On the road again as we followed down a fence line which led us to the Plenty Highway. Along the fence line 4 or 5 camels were spotted giving everyone an opportunity to see them in the wild. After some pictures, Matthew and I chased them down the fence line.

Reaching the Plenty Highway a wrong turn was made, picked up and corrected by Gerry ;) soon we were headed for re-fuel at Jervois. “Old mate” at the servo was a real country bloke, he had a nice hat and some well maintained sidey’s. Most of the girls commented saying he was eye candy, which highly offended Gerry who “has a cool hat and sidey’s too!”.  Back down the Plenty Highway where we encountered our first of many “whooshka’s” some nice quick dips in the road ;-P
Mid morning found us searching for a track to take down to Ruby Gap. Some Drama’s with a “public access route” which we could have taken...great knowledge to gain after we went around. Our alternate route found us behind time but Cattle Water Pass was a great scenic track. After discussion on the radio we decided to set up short of Ruby Gap to maximise time in camp for today and tomorrow, Bob (the manager/caretaker of Ambalindum station) intercepted our discussion and informed us that there were cabins to stay in and hot showers to be had, and since the pub had been shut for 4 yrs it seemed a great offer.

Some stayed in cabins, others slept down near the fire. Happy hour was enjoyed beside the fire and a beautiful sunset to top it off. Some of the kids had a crack at story so far which was good.

Another magical sunrise

Steve and Zac with their painting that they had purchased from Michael

Ebony, Narelle and Kaitlyn with Michael's wife, and her version of "Secret Womens Business"

Tim's pumped with his copy

Yep, Batton Hill - well worth while - best entered via Hay River

A couple of camels close to the road

Nup, we're bolting

Hang on, we can catch you!! (Hayden and Matt)

Apparently this bloke was 'to die for' (according to the girls)

Not so excited with his fuel prices though

Darren has a change of co driver

Tim and Di have a change of vehicle along Cattlewater Pass

All hands on deck to break down the trees on the track

Some interesting shapes that they take

Lunch in the creek bed

Painting or Photo??

There's something about the old windmills

The Hilux parked in front of a landscape

Gerry "Trailblazer" Thrift finds a hill to perch on

Good enough for Gerry, good enough for Cam

Good enough for Gerry and Cam, good enough for Matt

We didn't make it as far as Ruby Gap, so settled for Old Ambalindum - nice place!

Bennett's, Kargas' and Thrift's took the cabins

The makings of a camp fire

Time for Story So Far

Kids took turns

Ebony tells the story