Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 12 - Boggy Hole - Uluru


We woke to the beautiful scenery of Boggy Hole (approximately 35km south of Hermannsburg in the Finke Gorge). Our canvas homes all had spectacular water views. Some of us were woken by the neighbours howling in the night and early morning (dingo’s). We set off at the usual 8am but at a snails pace heading for Uluru. Some minor hiccups affected our speed included loose loads, aerials coming adrift and a sand flag rescue.

Shortly after morning tea it was decided that some of the group would take a small detour of 20kms to check out the Illamurta Springs Police Camp and the rest would continue on to Uluru. Michael at Batton Hill had spoken of the Police Camp and the descriptions in our fact sheets sounded too good to miss. The Police Camp was operational between 1893 and 1912 and was established as a reaction to Aboriginal resistance to pastoral settlement in the area in the form of cattle spearing. It is an important cultural site for the Southern Arrernte Aboriginal people. The ruins gave you the feeling of times past and although it was obvious that the area had once been a lovely flowing natural spring there was no water there for our visit. The surrounding gorge was just so beautiful and definitely worth the detour.

The first group to head for Uluru made the common mistake of thinking that Mt Connor was the great and mighty Uluru but pushed on realizing that they still had a way to go. Arriving early afternoon many of the group decided that they would like to walk the rock before the sun went down. Hayden and Matthew decided they would demonstrate their fitness by running up it and leaving the rest behind to puff and pant their way up at a more sedate pace. Young Nicky was looking for Canberra once he reached the top. Back at camp our first injury was sustained by Narelle who toppled off her roof rack whilst unloading; resulting in a sprained wrist and grazed hands and knees. However she was patched up over drinks and nibbles as we watched the sunset over Uluru. A perfect way to end a day!

A disused cattleyard on the way out of Boggy Hole

Nic and Steve combine for a great shot

Been there a while!

Gerry and Tim in the creekbed

Two days of wood needed at Uluru

Ben helping out

Zac working on his trucky hitches

The campground - just short of Uluru

$25 per car for three day pass to Uluru and the Olgas - pretty reasonable

Made it just in time - the climb is OPEN

The climb up Uluru - gets bloody steep!

Ben, Nic and Zac made short work of it

Some time later Ivan made it up for this group shot

At the top of the rock

Walkers across the top

Certainly not flat on top!

Some walkers following the white painted path

Helen and crew walking down

We made it! - all of us at the bottom

Matt, Hayden and Adam - you idiots ;-)

What better place for Happy Hour - Sunset at Uluru

Gerry, Narelle, Ebony and Kaitlyn

Steve, Mel, Zac and Nic

Tim, Di, Cam, Blaire and Hayden

Ivan, Lea, Adam, Matt and Ben

More Happy Hour - it's ok - you can't rush these things ;-)

Not sure how to describe it - amazing will do for now...