Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 13 - Uluru - Hugh River


Todays story begins with somewhat of a slow morning, being a rest day their were no alarms wakeup calls or roosters going bonkers. Egg and bacon rolls were enjoyed by most being a hit from the servo down the road.

Blaire and I got up early and scaled the side of the big rock (Uluru) with a good vantage point for the days proceedings in mind. Whilst on the way up we passed a French couple who must be beaten to the top, no matter what.

Tim and Diane got up and headed off to the Olgas, then returned to Uluru's viewing area.

Ivan and leanne and all the boys got up before sunrise and set the camera up to take some special pictures of Uluru lit magically by the sunrise, however a troopie came and parked in front of them. Ivan quickly sent them on their way, to promptly make room for a tour bus, completely blocking the view. Next was a quick walk at the Olgas. Lea then decided to alter the parking arrangements at the cultural center by the process of removing some excess stumps.

Kargas family participated in the tour walking around the rock where some secret womens business was discussed, then onto a camel tour. Nic and Zac blitzing the riding, Mel almost fell off but quickly regained control and kicked her camel into gear and caught up.

Darren also attended the tour but broke off from the group and went for a quiet walk around the rock. Later Darrens key was lost until alas it was found again in the dirt right where hayden left them.

Thrift family woke up slow, well Narelle woke up slow after a rather large night of sedation… o wait no she didn’t! prior training? I think so!   Then climbed onto Uluru both younger girls doing very well, Gerry expressed his opinion on the lack of an express lane at the cultural center. Then snuck up on the group at Erldundah.

Special note,
Hayden and Matt Sanders got up and down the rock in 55 mins which included a lot of running!   Second trip in two days!

Wave etiquette ( as requested )

  • Cars, forget it what do 2wd pilots know anyway?
  • Roadtrains, wave! These guys need as much human contact aspossible
  • 4wds, wave!
  • Bikies, wave if they wave, if not look straight ahead and pretend they weren't there at all.
  • Rent-a-4wd, don't wave - these foreigners are doing all that they can to be driving on the right side of the road.
  • Campers, wave and be first to, these old timers are most likely paying your wages or contributing to your inheritence!

Sunrise at Uluru

It's almost like it's lit from within

View of the Olgas from Uluru

One of Tim's (wideangle?) creations

Tim and Di on the Valley of the Winds walk

A well designed and made chair at the Olgas

Lea, Adam, Ben, Ivan and Matt on the Olga Gorge walk

Cam and Blaire

Cam on Uluru with the Olgas in the background

Blaire following the walking trail

Yep, keep going ;-)

Many were back for the 10am tour around the base of Uluru

Our guide not only talked of Uluru, but native custom and bush tucker

Rock art as well

A long empty road led to a couple of photo opportunities

Creativity was the order of the day

We all missed the turn - time for synchronised U turns

Meanwhile, the Kargas' hit the camel rides