Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 16 - Rest Day - Dalhousie Springs


Here was a much needed rest day at Dalhousie Springs. Most of us up and about at the usual time but for ladies it was a different story - no one up until well after 9am followed by a late breakfast at around 10am. By this time I think the boys had already been down and back to the springs for a swim at least three times already.

At 11am we headed off for the Dalhousie Ruins although it was only a short drive from camp we still had to travel across plenty of corrugation and bulldust and then out of nowhere, huge date palms came into sight to mark the spot of the once popular homestead. Afghan cameleers first used this site as a stopover for supply runs into central Australia but it wasn't until the 1870s that the construction of the homestead began.   All that remains today is some stone walls and some timber framing but still well worth the trip. We were soon back in camp with most of us heading down to the springs for yet another swim and with the water temp at around 34-40deg, why not - a perfect way to relax.

We had all hands on deck to put up the tarp - the sun was just a bit too much and we needed some relief - with everyone helping, it was up in a matter of minutes.

Around camp for the afternoon there was plenty of tinkering from the boys, with the girls sipping on their wines and reading their girly magazines. There was also a lesson in tying knots from Ivan with Kaitlyn and Steve learning the ropes.    Kaitlyn kept coming back for more and would not stop tying knots for the rest of the trip.

It was around 1600hrs when we got comms from VKS737 that the boys who had left last night to pick up Cam's replacement axle from Alice were heading back to our camp site. After another successful happy hour there was some worry that the boys had not returned yet so a quick phone call from the sat phone to Mt Dare confirmed that they were on there way having just left Mt Dare a short time ago and sure enough within the hour they were back safe and sound.

But there was no time to rest with all hands on deck for the installation of the new axle with all helping out in some way. After 2 or three hours work the mighty Suzuki was up and running again for its next tour of duty.

Dalhousie Springs - around 38 degrees - what an oasis!

Many breaks for a swim today - the kids loved it

Hayden took the lead on repairing a gash in this mattress - which was loved by everyone, including some locals from Finke

Ivan and Matt have a relax

Off to Dalhousie Ruins

The main house - date palms everywhere (and mossies!)

An old grave on the property

Blaire and Hayden - is this like Rock, Paper, Scissors??

The stockyards

Steve and Nic off for a walk

Back at camp, all hands on deck to get a tarp up to get out of the sun - we only needed it for a few hours, but it was worth the effort

Lea, Ivan, Narelle and Gerry

A dingo looking over camp

All that wood the boys cut yesterday - lets burn it!!

All good camp ovens need good coals!

Darren working on the left side

Benny and Hayden get into it on the right