Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 18 - The Desert - French Line


We woke up to rain in the desert, and the Dingoes were howling.   Not many of the girlies felt like taking their PJ’s off today
Steve moaned over the radio how he does not like the rain, followed by the lovely Timothy asking the girls in each car if they were still in their PJ’s?

We found out the truth about jerry, he LOVES mud bashing!

Helen does not like slippy slidey but Mr. WHOOPY does!

Had some very brief but funny entertainment over the radio as Steve and Mel sang karaoke

We had an emergency “FIRE TRUCK” lunch as lea needed some nail polish for the wind screen of the Land Cruiser (see photo's below - about 4 litres needed!).   So it was decided that we’d have some lunch whilst the boys did a good job of taping the windscreen together.

Mat started following Gerry’s tracks, which lead to a steep decline but he tackled it great.

Lea & Ivan

In the morning Lea seamed to have some kind of glitter on her eyes, so it was dubbed that Lea likes special sparkle Sundays for Ivan.

Lea learnt to always wear a seatbelt, as she smacked her head on the roof of the car despite Ivan’s careful driving

In the Lea and Ivan family Ben (the youngest) jokingly announce that Gerry should be his dad as he is 'more funna’

A BIG well done to Mat & Adam for attempting the manual today, both did Extremely well.

Last but not least Ivan didn’t think any one was watching as he accidentally got the camp ovens mixed up, as he was putting more coals on and almost coaled Steve’s cake.

Gerry & Narelle

Smarty-pants Gerry got stuck making his own path on the dunes

Adventures Gerry is a bad influence on all who follows him

During the day the Thrift family experienced an exciting event as a dingo ran in front of their car.

Benny & Helen

Lead foot Benny got an adrenalin rush over the dune, apparently after finding out that the creak in his backside (of the 4X4) was just from a pole.

Tim & Di

Tim does not like pyjamas being worn through out the day - Guess what time Di wore her PJ’s past? 12pm!!!!

Steve & Mel

Good old Steve snatched out both Gerry & Darren

Steve also lost his 3rd consecutive number plate

Approx 5 counts of fire trucks on the swear-O-metre for Steve

Hayden & Darren

Hayden got snatched out and also snatched Benny out

Quotes for the day

Single vehicle are you alone?

Not hearing any chips (on the windscreen)

What flavour was the chocolate port?
- DI

There is only one in our convoy
- GREY NOMAD on Ch 10

Well, today was Pyjama Day - apparently Tim doesn't like pyjamas during the day - does he Blaire ;-)

Tim, not quite to the top

Ivan had a problem when two full jerries flipped off the front of the roof rack and belted the windscreen

Clean off the fragments

Get some hundred mile an hour tape on to it..

There - that looks pretty good??

Not quite so good from the inside - definitely worse though when covered in sand, rain and without functioning wipers

On we continue - Gerry needing a hand from Steve

And then Darren needing same

Yes Matthew - that is a camera - now what are you doing to the front of my car?? ;-)

Tim stopping to photograph virgin dunes

In camp, everyone takes a turn to set up the dunny - Hayden paying some extra special attention to it

Blaire making sure it's stable

There we go - the finished product - Jimmy's Thunderbox ready to go