Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 20 - Eyre Creek Bypass - Iga Warta


After yet another successful bush mechanic episode last night to replace Steve's shock, we were off for the last time out of the mighty Simpson Desert and trail blazing our way to the Flinders Ranges. As was the norm, five minutes before the scheduled departure time the campsite echoed with the sound of engines being started and warmed prior to setting off.  This time however, there was the unsettling sound of an engine turning over – but not starting – coming from Darren’s vicinity.  It seemed the GQ hadn’t escaped completely unscathed from it’s adventure in Eyre Creek after all.   After the efforts the previous night getting Steve’s Navara back on the road there was a fair number of groans around the campsite.  The bush mechanics swung into action yet again, it was quickly discovered that a damp glow plug relay was the culprit and a quick bypass of the faulty relay soon had the Patrol back on the road (whew !!!!).  We made it into Birdsville for fuel supplies and camel pies from the bakery. Now I know it was early for some, but that was still no excuse for one lady in our group who shall remain anonymous - she drove off down the main street of Birdsville, straight past the police station in a white toyota 100 series with the back door wide open waiting for something to fall out! Thankfully a quick message over the radio brought the 100 series to a stop with all cargo intact.

Out of Birdsville we hit a terrible head wind which sucked the juice out of all the vehicles giving us probably our worst fuel consumption for the trip. Along the way Tim ended up with a slow leak which he plugged only having to find himself change the tyre some time later. We all ended up at Mungerannie for a much needed top up of fuel and a bite to eat. After lunch at the pub we were off again through Marree and on our way to set up camp at Iga Warta. We followed the old Ghan towards Leigh Creek but just before Farina Ruins Cam's car ran into trouble again with his rear brake drum catching on fire. After the quick use of the fire extinguisher the fire was out and the tyre off only to discover the BRAKES were stuffed.   A call to the RAA ended up in the vehicle being recovered, and Tim getting into camp quite late again.

Steve is up early reminiscing about his bent shock - how do they bend at right angles and still not break!!

It looks like a long way, but not far until we're out of the desert

Fresh sand makes for some lovely sights

Back to where we started - Big Red

Refueled at Birdsville, on we go to the Birdsville Track and down to Mungerannie

This is another of those pubs with character

Ebony checks things out

Gerry's hat should be on this roof!!

The boys - yep, another pool table

Brotherly love ;-)

Matt, Ivan, Mel, Steve and Nic lap up a cold coke

This was stuck on the roof - note the Hume Off Road!!

Onward, some check out the township of Farina

Very well preserved (figure of speech), and worth the visit

What's this - Rest Day tomorrow, and Cam's in more strife

Mechanic Blaire determines that it's the slave cylinder at fault

Lots of fluid in the drums!

Unfortunately (or luckily!), recovered by the RAA back to Copley - only 57 km from where we were staying at Iga Warta