Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 22 - Iga Warta - Grindell's Hut


The day began early for some as they prepared for their cultural tour to go on the Malkii tour - a painting site that has been dated to be 35,000 years old and can still be interpreted through the oral history of the Iga Warta people that has been handed down generation to generation.
The remainders in the group had the glorious privilege of sleeping in and slow wake up around the camp fire.  The night before was still humming in our minds as we reminisced the campfire experience which included story telling, singing (OOOOhhhhhhhh, my Walla! it's rumbling, it's tumbling.....OOOOOhhhhhhhh, my Walla! it's rumbly like a big loud drum!).  The night before included sharing the Adnyamathanha culture, as well as a supper of damper (cooked in the fire in the traditional Adnyamathanha way), with urti (quandong) jam.
Once the tour group had returned we quickly packed for our departure to Grindell's Hut.  The groups decision was to travel via the 'scenic route' which ended in a locked gate even though it was a public road.  There was a phone number on a sign and a UHF channel to call - no response on either, and we later found that the land owner was away on holidays!   The group turned back on tracks to head towards Grindell's and travelled through some amazing country. 
Tim, Di, Cam and Blair headed back to visit the mechanic with high hopes to pick up the Suzuki following our busy wood fire collection.
Goats and their kids were amongst the excitement of our trip to Grindell's.  We also managed to upset another tourist enjoying a 'scenic moment' which was apparently due to our dust even though we had seen him and slowed right down.  A few kind waves and Aussie smiles were provided however the diagnosis was that the 'man needed a can!'
On arrival at the turnoff to Grindell's we were presented with some magificant country as we drove into the camp site.  We all established camp quickly whilst the children enjoyed some pre-built rock houses to expand on.  They also established 'extra workers' with their new found friends from the next camp.

Grindell's Hut and it's surrounding buildings were fantastic exploring opportunities and a place where most vowed to return and stay in the Hut accommodation.
Some also took the opportunity to take the loop drive which proved to be beautiful; however not as challenging 4WDing as the boys had hoped.
Tim, Di, Cam and Blair successfully met back up with the group with the rescued Suzie once again.
I believed most hoped to be able to return to this beautiful pitureseque place at another time.

Another lovely sunrise

The second half of the team did the tour on the second day at Iga Warta - Cliff explaining the rock art along with many other cultural discussions

A little bit of flora in the Flinders

Ivan, Di and Lea very intent on Cliff's explanations

How can you do this to a public road!!   No one available on the UHF, or the telephone number - then we found out the owners had gone on holiday.   Least they could have done is put a sign up at the start of the road - this was some 30 kilometers in from the road!