Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 23 - Grindell's Hut - Menindee


On the last night there was not really a story so far to be said by one person, rather it was to be said by everyone. Each person from the group took a turn to talk about their highlights of the trip and how they liked it.
Many things were said across the group, How great and most of the time how breathtaking the scenery was, the good company we all shared together, how working together as a team we accomplished many things, if someone had a problem such as fixing a broken car or puting up a tarp pretty much the whole group would pitch in.  

But the thing i think we all remember best is that:
Its not all about the best or worst thing that happened on the trip, its about the journey we took together.

Tim's lot on the verandah of Grindell's Hut - what a lovely spot

Ivan's lot on same

Working out our best way to Menindee, while trying to cover as much of the Flinders as reasonably possible

One of Tim's - lovely photo

And again

The Woolshed at Kinchega

Where the sheep were shorn

The 'run' where they were pushed out once shorn

Interesting steam tractor

Describing the tractor above

Kinchega Woolshed in less light (but a better photo?

The kitchen where we cooked a great smorgasbord

Our last Story So Far - what a great night!

Outside, the sun set on our trip, just one last time..