Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 7 - Poeppell's Corner North - Lake Caroline


We woke up to one of the colder mornings experienced in the desert, and according to Melinda everyone in the camp snores. Camp was packed up and we were on the road in no time, Gerry wasn’t completely packed up, and he realised this just after he ran over his jaffle iron.

After letting a smaller convoy speed on past before we joined the track, we were in a bit of a traffic jam, yes, and traffic jam in the middle of the desert. The convoy in front of us weren’t any ordinary convoy, they told us they were 4wd racers and they were struggling up a sand dune,(struggling being four and five attempts each) and then Tim used the “overtaking lane” and went on through making it up the dune first attempt. I had a bit of trouble and a few attempts later made it up.    The other convoy had all made it up in time to watch the show, Ivan’s cruiser climbing the dune. They were slagging on the cruiser because it didn't get up first attempt, and then Tim informed them that it was a learner driving, which was Matthew, Congrats and let’s not forget Adam he did very well also.

Today was the day that upside down trees were seen and we all agreed that they exist.  At lunch Narelle explained her theory of Tim and Di being like Tigger and Pooh. After continuing on we came across a few more convoys and then we came across camp 15 &16 of the Madigan line. We continued down a beautiful track that took us weaving in, out and along the creek bed. After arriving in camp, the usual duties were carried out, toilet set up, wood collected and fire lit, set up the tent, drag the chairs over to the fire and sit down to enjoy a nice cold beer whilst watching the sun disappear over the horizon.  Man it was a difficult trip.

Mathew "Fang It" Bennett

Helen gives it some to get over the dune

Kaitlyn and Ebony with an upside down tree

Ivan..  Not sure why stopped on the angle here, but some nice articulation at the back, and lovely colors in the photo in any case

Madigans Line crosses with the Hay River at Camp 15 and Camp 16

These photos of markers at Camp 15

The "Eagles Nest" was marked on the Hema Map, so we were wondering how big it needed to be to be marked on the map

There were actually half a dozen nests along this section

Into camp and Ebony and Hayden set up the dunny

Happy Hour continues well into the dark

The kids find that spinifex balls burn like nothing else - and promptly went and found heaps!

They burn long, hot and bright!!