Simpson Desert - Hay River 2009

Day 6 - Birdsville - Poeppell's Corner North


We arrived 12 kms short of Peoppels Nth and set up camp.

First of all I would like to say that Camerons Car made it here in one piece!

We were up at 5.30hrs at Birdsville with fire lit. We had a tight schedule to start at 0800hrs for a photo at the Birdsville Pub. We all went to refill at the petrol station where the Kargas’ renovated the petrol station with their sand flag.   We all lined up for the group photo, with both Tim ad Hayden running hard and fast we finally got the photo.

There were tears as we said goodbye to Steve and Sandy and thanked them for making the huge trip from Townsville to Birdsville to meet us. Thanks Guys xx

Darren and Hayden headed to the chopper and Stephen Webb the pilot took off to  have some awesome photos taken of the group from the air. Darren also recorded the convoy departure (from the chopper) on video. Well Done!!

Today we have traveled over 300 dunes where Camerons red Suzuki needed a couple of attempts for a couple and when Matthew went over the word “Fang it” came up quite a bit.

We learnt to say that Momentum is our friend and also that Tyre Pressure is very important.

We had morning Tea at Eyre Creek Crossing. It was absolutely beautiful, lush green grass and trees and so much birdlife around it really was spectacular.

We had a river crossing or creek crossing really with Ivan in the middle directing traffic (Hang on didn’t he drown a 4WD once!!) anyway he did a great job even though the Thrift girls wanted to get him..

Well done to Narelle, Helen and Matthew who drove the crossing.

Lots of temptations along the way like clay pans. The boys couldn’t resist.

On to the QAA Line with more dunes

We saw our first camel – Dead – Hayden touched it! Ooh

Both the boys had a go at driving and did a great job but both did get stuck but not the only ones Ian also got stuck on a dune.

The rest of the day was more dunes dunes dunes and now we are here…

What I have learnt today:
  • Lots of people travel alone in the desert
  • some with no radios,
  • a lot of men travel together and
  • Everyone has an opinion over the radio be it very loud at times.
In the Group :
  • Blaire had a drive
  • Helen is ready for Big Red
  • Mel doesn’t do clunk
  • Mel doesn’t like backwards sideways movement
  • Ivan said over and over "I love airbags"
  • “Does Ivan know knots” (after using motorbike straps and they came undone)
  • Hayden pats dead things
  • Wearing shoes is a good idea

Leaving Birdsville today for the desert - mandatory photo in front of the pub

Tim ran back for the first one - but since we're having a few photo's...


Cam and Blaire - oh, and the Red Jelly Bean (aka Suzuki)

The Sanders' and Gunderson's outside the pub
Stevie G, Steph, Ivan, Lea, Matt, Ben, Adam, Matt and Sandy

Darren's new transport - he and Hayden hired a chopper for a few shots of the convoy as we left Birdsville

Catching up from behind

U-turn at the front of the convoy

Convoy from the front - great photos!

Hayden 'stretching his legs'

Steve and Mel's GPS at work - heading west out of Birdsville

The dunes were long, big, and FUN!!

Pretty soon we hit the Eyre Creek - currently closed and a 70km detour to the north in place

Ivan and Tim check it out just out of interest - yep, very slippy slidey!!

As we sat there, a troopy towing a Mitsubishi with a blown gearbox

Morning tea

Blaire's little friend

Along the bypass road - it's actually around a series of dunes, valleys and inlets - but anywhere the water has been is beautifully green

We hit a valley full of budgies - they were making a huge racket

Hayden working the bypass track

The fresh dunes are just.... fresh

The wind constantly putting fresh sand on old - and the contrast with the sky is beautiful

Tracks this way...

Another of the valleys around Eyre Creek

Eyre Creek proper - never realised it was this wide!

And the amount of birdlife - wonder where it goes when the water dries up

Yet more green

Ivan marks a rock as Cam washes his Suzi across the crossing

Matt looking forward to getting the wheels wet

Hayden still getting a workout

In camp now - jobs for everyone - Kaitlyn pegging down the tent

Ebony cleaning up the jaffle iron

Tim, Hayden and Kaitlyn chilling around the fire after an early finish

Ivan and Lea having a quiet one

Visiting Tim's house for the view of the sunset

Tim working the lens for the best shot

Benny setting up comms - we spoke to Lynda and Mark in Darwin this night

Bright skies!

The sun on the way down

deeper down!

Love the blues in this one

Could watch this every night!

Boiling the billy

And cranking the fire up for the evening